• ISO TC307 N55 (France). 2017 (†858)

    ISO TC307 N55 (France). 2017. "Blockchain and electronic distributed ledger technologies –Terminology and concepts," AFNOR Blockchain Standardization Committee, unpublished submission, March 30, 2017.

Existing Citations

  • address : Character string used as an unique identifier involved in the transaction. (†2396)
  • block : Set of timestamped transactions prefaced by a block header. (†2397)
  • blockchain : Bound chain of blocks validated by consensus and stored within a distributed ledger. (†2398)
  • consensus mechanism : Two-fold agreement comprised of 'community consensus' and 'protocol consensus'. (†2399)
  • cryptocurrency : Fiduciary value unit of transactions on the Blockchain ecosystem (fiduciary meant for trusted). (†2400)
  • distributed ledger technology : Register containing information shared, recorded and replicated among nodes. (†2401)
  • mining : Process by which transactions are verified and added to the Blockchain demonstrating the proof of work. · Miner: Computer running a mining program. (†2402)
  • node : Device participating in the peer-to-peer network by running a Blockchain client software and relaying information (transactions and blocks). (†2403)
  • smart contract : Set of conditions recorded as code on a distributed ledger and executed automatically by a computing system. (†2404)