capability [English]

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InterPARES Definition

n. ~ PaaST (Capability) · An action or set of actions performed to satisfy one or more PaaST requirements.

General Notes

A capability may act on any data object, digital component or preservation management information. Capabilities may be combined into services.


  • PaaST (0.8) 2016 (†751 ): A capability is an action or a set of actions that can be or is performed in support of digital preservation. Capabilities respond to PaaST requirements and may be combined into composite services. Capabilities fall into four groups: ·&mnsp;Management capabilities establish and implement controls that govern preservation and related activities within a Preservation Environment, as well as enabling identification of problems related to objects, actions, or information in the Preservation Environment; ·&mnsp;Information processing capabilities generate, collect, maintain, manage and make available information about objects, actions, controls, and parties. ·&mnsp;Object processing capabilities operate on Preservation Objects, Preservation Object Sets, Submission Sets, and Data Objects; ·&mnsp;Preservation Processing capabilities execute the sequences of actions that accomplish digital preservation, including bringing Preservation Targets into and under the control of a Preservation Environment, ensuring Preservation Targets are stored in a way that guarantees their integrity and accessibility, implementing changes in Preservation Targets or in the technology needed to operate on and provide access to them, and providing copies of Preservation Targets and access to information about them to authorized parties. ¶ Capabilities may be grouped or orchestrated in different ways to suit the needs of different situations. (†1881)
  • PaaST (1.0) 2017 (†860 p. 40): Most PaaST requirements are formulated with the phrase, “The service shall provide the capability to ….” The intent is to ensure that the requirements provide a sufficient and trustworthy basis for digital preservation while allowing a Preservation Director to decide which specific requirements are needed in given situation. (†2498)