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n. ~ An entity that maintains a business relationship with, and uses service from, cloud service providers (NIST Cloud Computing Security Working Group, 2013, 32).


  • Brandel 2008 (†613 p.28): According to Bonvanie, "the elimination of labor associated with cloud computing is greatly exaggerated." The onus is still on the cloud consumer when it comes to integration. "Not only are you dealing with more moving parts, but they're not always as stable as you might think," he says. (†1404)
  • Furht and Escalante 2010 (†583 p.187): Currently, most of the Cloud providers offer their own proprietary service protocols and information formats. As Cloud computing becomes mature and widely adopted, clients and consumer organizations would likely interact with more than one provider for various reasons, including finding the most cost effective solutions or acquiring a variety of services from different providers (e.g., compute providers or data providers). Cloud consumers will likely demand common protocols and standardized information formats for ease of federated usage and interoperability. (†1171)
  • NIST Security Reference 2013 (†414 p. 32): A Cloud Consumer is the entity that maintains a business relationship with, and uses services from, cloud Providers, cloud Brokers, and cloud Carriers. ¶ A cloud Consumer browses the service catalog from a cloud Provider or cloud Broker, requests the appropriate service(s), and sets up service contracts with the cloud Provider (either directly or through a cloud Broker) before effectively using the service. The Consumer may set up Carrier services separately, or use the Carrier services integrated into the offering of the cloud Provider/Broker. ¶ The cloud Consumer may be billed for the service provisioned, and needs to arrange payments accordingly. Cloud Consumers use SLAs to specify the technical performance requirements that must be fulfilled by a cloud Provider and/or cloud Broker. (†510)