cloud governance [English]

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n. ~ A senior-level administrative structure that sets strategy for an organization by identifying roles, responsibilities, decision-making processes, policies, and procedures and that monitors outcomes and compliance within the context of the cloud.


  • Copie et al. 2013 (†740 p. 228): Cloud governance and cloud management are directly interlaced. While governance “ensures that enterprise objectives are achieved by evaluating stakeholders’ needs, conditions and options through decision making, prioritization, monitoring of performance and compliance”, cloud management assures that the enterprise objectives set by the governance layer are achieved through planning, deploying, running and monitoring current activities. ¶Three simple principles are set in relation with cloud governance and management tasks: ·  Complete solution evaluation (current / future), including current strategies, proposals and supply arrangements (be it internal or external), trends that may affect the solution (technological, economical, social or political changes). ·  Complete implementation of plans and policies to ensure that the solution meets its design objectives. ·  Complete monitoring of conformance to policies and performance against the design objectives. [Citations omitted.] (†1709)
  • Saidah and Abdelbaki 2014 (†739 p. 674): Cloud governance is a framework applied to all related parties and business processes in a secure way, to guarantee that the organization's Cloud supports the goals of organization strategies and objectives. (†1704)
  • Saidah and Abdelbaki 2014 (†739 p. 672): Cloud Computing Governance is part of the IT governance in the organization’s governance hierarchy. (†1708)