consortium [English]

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InterPARES Definition

n. (consortia, consortiums, pl.) ~ A group of entities working in a formal partnership towards a common objective.

General Notes

Consortia typically have some type of written agreement that outlines their purpose, membership, and procedures. The agreements may be more or less formal, depending on the complexity of the work and associated risks.

Other Definitions


  • Päivärinta, et al. 2015 (†762 ): In an exploratory study of e-government collaboration among Italian municipalities convention was the most popular way of collaboration while establishing a new public body was the least common. A convention is a written collaboration agreement between a group of public agencies in which they define the areas and methods of collaboration. A convention is not a legal entity while a consortium, founded by a group of public agencies, has legal status and only serves its members and is not allowed to offer services externally. A framework agreement entails a common purchasing contract to which the involved public agencies make individual calls. (†1925)