controlled social media [English]

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InterPARES Definition

n. ~ Online services offered by and under the supervision of an organization intended to promote discussion and sharing among individuals with shared interests, rather than seeking task-oriented goals by select individuals.

General Notes

Controlled social media platforms are often part of a corporate marketing effort. Participants' posts may be monitored and filtered both to ensure appropriate behavior and to protect the organization's message and brand.


  • Freed, 2010 (†472 3): “This is sponsored content within your own domain, which includes content that is sponsored by the company (site owner), such as interactive customer reviews on your own website, company blogs, etc. Marketers typically oversee and moderate this type of environment” (†669)
  • Werbin 2012 (†631 p.253): In corporate-controlled social media arrangements, all users, whether they are actively producing mass consumption content or passively clicking away within and across platforms, are always and endlessly being watched, generating valuable data, which they have no title to or control over. (†1429)