data philanthropy [English]

InterPARES Definition

No definition in earlier IP projects. ITrust definition not yet developed.


  • Kirkpatrick 2011 (†325 Data Philanthropy): We've [UN Global Pulse] spoken publicly about the concept called data philanthropy, whereby the private sector shares data to support more timely and targeted policy action. And while, architecturally, it's not clear what form or forms data philanthropy could take, we like the term as it drives home the message that shared data is a public good. We have begun exploring ideas and research that might uncover a viable framework of how data philanthropy actually functions, i.e. how data generated in the private sector can readily be shared with the public sector. (†299)
  • UN Global Pulse Big Data 2013 (†319 p. 6): The public sector cannot fully exploit Big Data without leadership from the private sector. With this in mind, the concept of “Data Philanthropy” has emerged as partnership by which private sector companies share data for public benefit, taking the initiative to anonymize their data sets and provide them to social innovators to mine for real-time insights, patterns and trends. (†291)