heuristic information [English]

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InterPARES Definition

n. ~ PaaST (HeuristicInformation) · Human readable information that supports the discovery, understanding, evaluation or use of one, or more preservation targets.


  • PaaST (1.0) 2017 (†860 p. 13): An IntellectualEntity has two subclasses, PreservationTarget and HeuristicInformation. A PreservationTarget is something that is preserved. HeuristicInformation is human readable information that is important in helping people to understand and interpret correctly the information conveyed by a PreservationTarget. These two subclasses are not mutually exclusive. An information object could be both a PreservationTarget and HeuristicInformation. The distinction depends essentially not on what the object is, but on the context in which it is managed, processed or used. (†2445)
  • PaaST (1.0) 2017 (†860 p. 30): As the OAIS standard recognizes, preservation of a PreservationTarget often requires additional information, for example information about the structure and semantics of the PreservationTarget, that helps people to understand it. In PaaST, such information is classified as 26 HeuristicInformation. HeuristicInformation is information that helps people to discover, understand, evaluate or use one or more Preservation Targets. Thus, HeuristicInformation is distinguished from other IntellectualEntities not by its content or form, but by its relationship to PreservationTargets. (†2509)