immutability [English]

InterPARES Definition

No definition in earlier IP projects. ITrust definition not yet developed.


  • Condos et al. 2016 (†819 p.11): Thus, the blockchain can potentially provide an immutable registration of a record, to which future records can be compared for authenticity. Any presumption of validity around records registered in a blockchain must be limited to authenticity. (†2327)
  • ISO TC307 N38 (United States). 2017. (†834 s.v. "High-level View of a Blockchain Network): Users send transaction requests to the blockchain in order to perform the operations the chain is designed to provide. Once a transaction is completed, a record of the transaction is added to one or more of the ledgers and can never be altered or removed. This property of the blockchain is called immutability. (†2189)
  • Walport 2016 (†802 p.56): By using an immutable block chain to hold this data, the ledger could provide transparency around all diamonds, revealing their origin, trail of ownership, and the processes they might have undergone. (†2326)