inspection [English]

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n. ~ PaaST (Inspection) · An assessment activity that involves examination, by automated methods or human observation of one or more preservation targets.


  • PaaST (1.0) 2017 (†860 p. 52): Inspection capabilities enable examination of objects in the Preservation Environment. Inspection targets PreservationManagementInformation, DigitalComponents and Realizations. Inspection of PreservationManagementInformation encompasses examining not only the data it contains, but also their associations and associated objects. . . . ¶ Inspection may be accomplished using software tools, where appropriate, or by observation by a human Actor. The results are captured as PreservationManagementData and may be published in a PreservationActionReport. The Inspection requirements provide for correlating data from multiple assessments of the same scope. This could be desirable in a variety of cases. (†2515)