integrity metadata [English]

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InterPARES Definition

No definition in earlier IP projects. ITrust definition not yet developed.


  • Duranti 2015 (†677 ): A record has integrity if the message it is meant to communicate in order to achieve its purpose is unaltered. Integrity metadata [includes]: · name(s) of handling persons over time · name of person responsible for keeping the record · indication of annotations · indication of technical changes · indication of presence or removal of digital signature · time of planned removal from the system · time of transfer to a custodian · time of planned deletion · existence and location of duplicates outside the system (†1681)
  • Tennis 2013 (†905 p. 938): The majority of the other metadata is Integrity metadata—that is it is metadata that accounts for the handling of records in digital systems from this point of creation through to the point of permanent preservation. By definition integrity metadata can be compiled as reports in external documentation. Thus, though the system may generate metadata, this metadata is then compiled into documentation and the metadata discarded as no longer necessary. Integrity metadata are further erased as they are reported in Creation, Recordkeeping, and Preservation Documentation. (†2727)