leakage [English]

InterPARES Definition

No definition in earlier IP projects. ITrust definition not yet developed.

Other Definitions

  • Black's 9th 2009 (†382 s.v. leakage): 3. Intellectual property. Loss in value of a piece of intellectual property because of unauthorized copying. The types of intellectual property most susceptible to leakage are recordable media such as compact discs and videotapes.


  • ISACA Glossary (†743 s.v. data leakage): Siphoning Siphoning out or leaking leaking information information by dumping dumping computer computer files or stealing stealing computer computer reports reports and tapes. (†1772)
  • NIST 2013 (†734 p. B-9): Information Leakage - The intentional or unintentional release of information to an untrusted environment. (†1831)