management set [English]

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InterPARES Definition

n. ~ PaaST (ManagementSet) · A set of objects created to support the accomplishment of one or more preservation objectives.

General Notes

The members of a management set may belong to different classes.


  • PaaST (1.0) 2017 (†860 p. 37): The PaaST requirements enable the definition and implementation of ManagementSets, sets of objects based on management objectives. A ManagementSet is not necessarily a PreservationCollection. Rather it is a means of grouping objects for purposes such as mass execution of an action on all members of the set or application of a PreservationRule to all members. The members of a ManagementSet do not have to be instances of the same class or hierarchy of classes. ManagementSets that should be useful in most Preservation Environments include SubmissionSets, PreservationActionSets and PreservationNetworks. Optionally, a Preservation Director or Preservation Service Provider could create other ManagementSets to achieve particular management purposes. (†2526)
  • PaaST (1.0) 2017 (†860 p. 51): A ManagementSet is a group of objects that is established to facilitate accomplishing a specific preservation management objective. The PaaST data model defines three specializations of ManagementSet: SubmissionSet, PreservationActionSet, and PreservationNetwork. A SubmissionSet is a set of objects that are transferred to a Preservation Environment together. A PreservationActionSet is a set of objects that are subject to PreservationActions. A PreservationNetwork is a set of objects that is focused on a specific PreservationTarget and that are either closely related to it or contribute to understanding or using it. (†2527)