permission [English]

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n. ~ 1. Authorization, either tacit or explicit, allowing some thing or action. – 2. Computing · Access controls that grant users the ability to perform specific, often limited, actions in a system.

General Notes

Creative Commons exemplifies permission1, in that it is a license that authorizes the reproduction and use, within limits, of intellectual properties. File systems that control whether an individual can create, read, update, or delete a file are an example of permission2.

Other Definitions


  • Hu, et al. 2006 (†728 p. 3): [also privilege] : An authorization to perform some action on the system. In most computer security literature, the term permission refers to some combination of object and operation. A particular operation used on two different objects represents two distinct permissions, and similarly, two different operations applied to a single object represent two distinct permissions. For example, a bank teller may have permissions to execute debit and credit operations on customer records through transactions, while an accountant may execute debit and credit operations on the general ledger, which consolidates the bank’s accounting data [FKC03]. (†1670)