reliability (internet) [English]

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n. ~ The ability to consistently meet standards or expectations of performance on demand and without degradation.

Other Definitions

  • OED Concise 10th (†440 s.v. rely): 1 depend on with full trust. – 2 be dependent on.
  • Schneider 1999 (†536 p. 313): The capability of a computer, or information or telecommunications system, to perform consistently and precisely according to its specifications and design requirements, and to do so with high confidence.


  • Furht and Escalante 2010 (†583 p.18): Cloud computing still does not always offer round-the-clock reliability. There were cases where cloud computing services suffered a few-hours outages. In the future, we can expect more cloud computing providers, richer services, established standards, and best practices. (†1168)
  • Russell, et al. 2010 (†653 p. 191): Many people confuse or interchange the concepts of system reliability and availability. These concepts are most frequently discussed in a hardware or equipment context, but also have applicability to software. Most often associated with component or system failure, reliability is a measure of the likelihood that a system or process will perform its designed function for a specified period of time. Availability is a relative measure of the extent that a system can perform its designed function (Bhagwan et al. 2003). As a relative measure, availability includes metrics such as delays, congestion, and loading. (†1703)