right to delete [English]

Syndetic Relationships


  • Bernal 2014 (†430 201): The right to delete should not be seen as akin to the ‘right to be forgotten’. As suggested at the start of this chapter, what is being suggested is not about rewriting history or about censorship: it is about placing more effective, better controlled and realisable limitations on the government or commercial holding of more data than is needed. To describe it as a ‘right to be forgotten’ could be seen as misleading or disingenuous; it is not about forgetting, but about control and autonomy. . . . A right to be forgotten can be seen as a rejection of society and something ultimately undemocratic, whereas a right to delete, properly set out and balanced with other rights, can be something precisely the opposite and act as a support and protection for individuals in their interaction with society. (†551)