trusted digital repository [English]

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n. ~ A trusted digital repository is one whose mission is to provide reliable, long-term access to managed digital resources to its designated community, now and in the future (Trusted Digital Repositories, 2002, i).


  • CCSDS Audit and Certification 2011 (†733 p 2-1): (trustworthy digital repository) At the very basic level, the definition of a trustworthy digital repository must start with ‘a mission to provide reliable, long-term access to managed digital resources to its Designated Community, now and into the future’ . . . . A trustworthy digital repository will understand threats to and risks within its systems. Constant monitoring, planning, and maintenance, as well as conscious actions and strategy implementation will be required of repositories to carry out their mission of digital preservation. (†1682)
  • Trsuted Digital Repositories 2002 (†736 p. 5): Whatever the overall infrastructure, however, to meet expectations all trusted digital repositories must · accept responsibility for the long-term maintenance of digital resources on behalf of its depositors and for the benefit of current and future users; · have an organizational system that supports not only long-term viability of the repository, but also the digital information for which it has responsibility; · demonstrate fiscal responsibility and sustainability; · design its system(s) in accordance with commonly accepted conventions and standards to ensure the ongoing management, access, and security of materials deposited within it; · establish methodologies for system evaluation that meet community expectations of trustworthiness; · be depended upon to carry out its long-term responsibilities to depositors and users openly and explicitly; · have policies, practices, and performance that can be audited and measured; and · meet the responsibilities detailed in Section 3 of this paper [for high-level organizational and curatorial responsibilities and operational responsibilities]. (†1698)