4th International Symposium - Archives & AI

Public Symposium, Forest Sciences Centre, UBC
October 28, 2023
9:00am - 4:30pm

9:00 am Luciana Duranti, Professor emerita, University of British Columbia
Keynote - 25 years of InterPARES

9:30 am Muhammad Abdul Mageed, Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair, UBC 
News for the NLP Lab

10:00 am Yo Hashimoto, Japan 
Research at Irisawa Dojo: Training Place for Japanese Archivists

10:30 am Alicia Barnard, Mexico 
Case Study on Appraisal and AI in Latin America

11:00 am Jenny Bunn, The National Archives, UK 
‘There is no substitute for careful analytical work’: AI and Appraisal

11:30 am Alex Richmond and Mario Beauchamp, Bank of Canada 
Architecting Accountability in AI: The role of paradata

12:00 pm Lunch - on your own

1:30 pm Babak Hamidzadeh, Associate Professor, University of Maryland
Paradata, AI, Shared Agency, and Accountability

2:00 pm Paige Hohman, Archivist, UBCO and Jim Suderman, City of Toronto (ret.) 
Data acquisition and PII

2:30 pm Peter Sullivan, PhD student, UBC 
The UNESCO radio archives: AI for audio discovery

3:00 pm Pierluigi Feliciati, Associate Professor, University of Macerata 
Archival access and AI: from common sense to models

3:30 pm Jessica Bushey, Assistant Professor, San Jose State University 
AI and Images Collections: Two Perspectives

4:00 pm Victoria Lemieux, Professor, UBC
Towards a Privacy-Preserving Compute Infrastructure for Archives

4:30 pm Adjourn

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