Artificial Intelligence and Documentary Heritage, SCEaR Special Issue 2024

Artificial Intelligence and Documentary Heritage. Luciana Duranti and Corinne Rogers, eds. SCEaR (Sub-Committee on Education and Research), UNESCO Memory of the World Newsletter Special Issue 2024. (cut and paste URL in new browser window)

by Luciana Duranti and Corinne Rogers

AI in the I Trust AI Partnership
by Muhammad Abdul-Mageed

Improving Archives-Focused LLMs with Retrieval Augmented Generation.
by ElMoatez Billah Nagoudi, Alcides Alcoba Inciarte, Abdul-Mageed Muhammad

UNESCO Audio Archives: AI for Metadata Enrichment
by Peter Sullivan and Eng Sengsavang

Datafying Archives for Privacy Protection
by Alcides Alcoba, Paige Hohmann and Jim Suderman

Balancing Act: Navigating the Nexus of AI, Privacy, and Accessibility in Archives
by Victoria L. Lemieux

The Role of AI in Identifying or Reconstituting Archival Aggregations of Digital Records and Enriching Metadata Schemas
by Stefano Allegrezza, Maria Mata Caravaca, Massimiliano Grandi, Mariella Guercio, Bruna La Sorda

Appearance-Based Archival Science
by Emanuele Frontoni

The Crucial Role of Paradata in AI Governance
by Patricia C. Franks

Hybrid Agency and Real-Time Systems: Paradata for Accountability of AI Systems within and beyond Traditional Archives
by Scott Cameron

Modelling AI-Assisted Digitization of Documentary Heritage Materials
by Eng Sengsavang and Željko Trbušić

Annotation of Digitised Archival Materials Supported by AI
by Hrvoje Stančić and Željko Trbušić

AI Culture and Images
by Jessica Bushey

The Africa-Europe Gaps of AI Regulations for Managing Public Records
by Esteban Guerrero, Proscovia Svärd, Tolu Balugon, Nampombe Saurombe, Pekka Hentonnen, and Lorette Jacobs

AI Literacy: A Must for Records Management and Archival Professionals
by Moises Rockembach

Outlook – What Insights does InterPARES Trust AI Offer Memory of the World?
by Corinne Rogers and Luciana Duranti

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