Notice of InterPARES Trust AI

The project, in which national and international universities and institutions from all over the world participate and whose contact person for UniMC is prof. Pierluigi Feliciat i , aims to identify Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies capable of addressing the critical challenges related to documents and archives, determining their advantages and risks, ensuring that the concepts and principles of archival science inform the development of an AI responsible and validating the results through case studies and demonstrations.

I Trust AI provides an articulated five-year, interdisciplinary research program, organized by working groups divided according to archival functions (creation and use, evaluation and acquisition, sorting and description, conservation, management, support and access), coordinated by prof. Luciana Duranti and Muhammad Abdul-Mageed of the School of Information of the University of British Columbia (Canada) and by three committees for research, teaching and science communication.

The results of the studies conducted in the context of each archival function and information on the conferences and meetings that will take place after the fundamental meeting in Italy will be regularly available on the project website, .

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