The I TRUST-AI project and the contribution of the Italian archival community

The I TRUST-AI project and the contribution of the Italian archival community
Friday 17 November 2023 2.30pm-5.30pm
Rome, Lelio and Lisli Basso Foundation
Via della Dogana Vecchia, 5

ANAI organizes an information event on the first results of community participation, Italian archival research in the international InterPARES I Trust AI project (2021-2026), a new project which aims to evaluate artificial intelligence solutions in the field of archives, involving the academic world, archival institutions, professionals who work in public and private sector.
The meeting is dedicated to presenting the project, its general objectives and the activities and results of the
studies involving Italian researchers.

2.30pm – 2.45pm. Introduction Erika Vettone, Bruna La Sorda
2.45pm – 4.30pm. A first analysis of Artificial Intelligence platforms for the protection of
archival constraint: the CU05 studio Stefano Allegrezza, Mariella Guercio, Massimiliano Grandi,
Maria Mata Caravaca, Bruna La Sorda
The results of the working group that started the study of the functions in 2021 are presented
that artificial intelligence platforms are capable of or claim to be able to address
service of current archives for the protection of the archival constraint and in particular for
the creation and defense of reliable and accurate documentary reports.
4.30pm – 5pm. Access to digital archives in times of artificial intelligence: the RA05 and RA08 studies,
Pierluigi Feliciati, Giorgia Di Marcantonio
5pm–5.30pm. InterPARES TRUST AI: the state of the art Luciana Duranti
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