disclosure [English]

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n. (disclosive, adj.) ~ Actions taken to make known secret or previously unknown information.

Other Definitions

  • Black's 9th 2009 (†382 p. 531): 1. The act or process of making known something that was previously unknown; a revelation of factors. – 2. The mandatory divulging of information to a litigation opponent according to procedural rules.


  • [UK] Minister of State 2012 (†663 p. 7): Data is potentially disclosive if, despite the removal or obvious identifiers, characteristics of this dataset in isolation or in conjunction with other datasets in the public domain might lead to identification of the individual to whom a record belongs. (†1518)
  • Wikipedia (†387 s.v. "discovery"): Under the law of the United States, civil discovery is wide-ranging and may seek disclosure of information that is reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence. This is a much broader standard than relevance, because it contemplates the exploration of evidence which might be relevant, rather than evidence which is truly relevant. (†2700)