e-participation [English]

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Other Definitions

  • Wikipedia (†387 s.v. e-participation): ICT-supported participation in processes involved in government and governance. Processes may concern administration, service delivery, decision making and policy making. E-participation is hence closely related to e-government and (e-)governance participation.[Jafarkarimi, Sim, Saadatdoost and Hee, 2014]


  • Kolsaker and Lee-Kelley, 2008 (†494 p.730): “ the potential of online dialogue with local and central government (e-participation).” (†755)
  • Macintosh, 2004 (†493 p.2): “The overarching objectives of e-participation are given as: 1. reach a wider audience to enable broader participation 2. support participation through a range of technologies to cater for the diverse technical and communicative skills of citizens 3. provide relevant information in a format that is both more accessible and more understandable to the target audience to enable more informed contributions 4. engage with a wider audience to enable deeper contributions and support deliberative debate” (†754)