information asset [English]

InterPARES Definition

n. ~ Information, data, documents, or records created or received by an organization or person in any format.

Other Definitions

  • Gartner IT Glossary (†298 s.v. information (knowledge) assets): Information relevant to an enterprise’s business function, including captured and tacit knowledge of employees, customers or business partners; data and information stored in highly-structured databases; data and information stored in textual form and in less-structured databases such as messages, e-mail, workflow content and spreadsheets; information stored in digital and paper documents; purchased content; and public content from the Internet or other sources.
  • National Archives Information Asset (†788 ): A body of information, defined and managed as a single unit so it can be understood, shared, protected and exploited effectively. Information assets have recognisable and manageable value, risk, content and lifecycles.
  • Wikipedia (†387 s.v. asset (computer security)): In information security, computer security and network security an Asset is any data, device, or other component of the environment that supports information-related activities. Assets generally include hardware (e.g. servers and switches), software (e.g. mission critical applications and support systems) and confidential information. Assets should be protected from illicit access, use, disclosure, alteration, destruction, and/or theft, resulting in loss to the organization.


  • Ladley 2012 (†589 p.20): Information Asset Management describes a business-based approach to ensure that data, information, and content are all treated as assets in the true business and accounting sense - avoiding increased risk and cost due to data and content misuse, poor handling, or exposure to regulatory scrutiny. (†1196)
  • National Archives Information Asset (†788 ): An information asset is defined at a level of granularity that allows its constituent parts to be managed usefully as a single unit: too broad and you will not have enough detail, too fine and you will have thousands of assets. (†2020)