personalized public services [English]

InterPARES Definition

No definition in earlier IP projects. ITrust definition not yet developed.


  • Brock 2017 (†882 ): In order to achieve the ambition of the personalization of service, governments have to move from the position of service provider to service facilitator or broker. The citizen needs to be able to self-select and self-manage if personalization is to be fully adopted. There has to be an acceptance that this is not something that government can achieve by itself – and, in fact, there are great benefits to be achieved in terms of cost of taking a partnership approach with citizens and private enterprise. (†2666)
  • Brock 2017 (†882 ): Underpinning this collaborative approach to delivering co-created personalized services has to be a government platform that allows for the open and secure exchange of information. There has to be a means to centralize access to all content in order that all parties can access and interrogate all the information – both structured and unstructured data – surrounding an issue or service. (†2667)
  • Horizon 2020 2013 (†397 49): Personalised public services can arise from enabling and empowering citizens and businesses to create and deliver some of the public services. Today's complex societal and economic challenges, coupled with rising expectations to reduce the burden on users, put pressure on public administrations to foster efficient, open and citizen-centric public services. Collaboration with users plays an important role in the transformation of public services. Public services delivered or enabled by ICT need to increasingly focus on flexible and personalised interactions with public administrations. Given the availability of data, users may be provided more pro-active, higher quality and valuable services. Using data in a local context can facilitate offering or creating location-driven services. (†442)