preservation director [English]

Syndetic Relationships

InterPARES Definition

n. ~ PaaST (Preservation Director) · A party that has authority to direct the preservation of digital materials.


  • PaaST (0.8) 2016 (†751 ): Preservation Director: a Party that has either independent or contractual authority to direct the preservation of digital materials. (†1877)
  • PaaST (1.0) 2017 (†860 p. 11): Preservation Director directs the preservation of digital materials. . . . A Preservation Director decides which PaaST requirements are implemented in any Preservation Environment. This flexibility enables different approaches to fulfilling requirements, for example by performing some PreservationActions in-house while contracting with one or more Preservation Service Providers for other capabilities. (†2428)
  • PaaST (1.0) 2017 (†860 p. 11): In a scenario where preservation is accomplished in the Cloud, one or more Initial Sources reach Preservation Agreements with a Preservation Director who accepts responsibility for preservation of digital information assets. The Preservation Director then enters into a Preservation Service Contract with a Preservation Service Provider who provides the technological resources necessary for preservation and carries out preservation activities as directed by the Preservation Director and, presumably as specified in the Preservation Service Contract. However, an Initial Source could retain authority over the materials it wants preserved and thus also act as Preservation Director. Also, a Preservation Director could provide some preservation services in house and only contract with a Preservation Service Provider for a limited set of preservation activities. Alternatively, the Preservation Director might rely on Preservation Service Providers for all preservation services, but rely on one provider for basic ongoing services, such as processing of Submissions and storage of Preservation Targets, while awarding other contracts for specialized services, such as format conversion. ¶·Submitters and Access Clients have secondary roles in that their rights and responsibilities could be specified in Preservation Agreements or contracts without their involvement. (†2433)
  • PaaST (1.0) 2017 (†860 p. 2): PaaST assumes that the needs, interests, and capabilities of the Designated Community are addressed in plans, policies and procedures of the Preservation Director and that, to the extent these need to be addressed in preservation, they are expressed and implemented as PreservationRules that derive from stipulations in Preservation Services Contracts. (†2546)
  • PaaST (1.0) 2017 (†860 p. 3): The Preservation Director has the option of deciding which requirements are implemented in any Preservation Environment. (†2547)