records lifecycle [English]

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n. ~ IP2 · A model of records management and archival science that characterizes the life span of a record as comprising sequential stages: creation or receipt; classification; maintenance and use; disposition through destruction or transfer to an archival institution or agency; description in archival finding aids; preservation; reference and use.


  • International Records Management Trust 2009 (†572 s.v. life cycle concept): In a records and archives environment, a concept or record keeping that draws an analogy between the life of a biological organism, which is born, lives and dies, and that of a record, which is created, is used for so long as it has continuing value and is then disposed of by destruction or by transfer to an archival institution. (†1033)
  • Wikipedia (†387 s.v. records life-cycle): The stages of a record's "life span" including creation or receipt of the information as a record, classification of the record, maintenance and use of the record, and disposition through destruction or transfer to an archives. (†1015)