records professional [English]

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n. ~ An individual who is trained in all aspects of managing records and information, including their creation, use, retention, disposition, and preservation, and is familiar with the legal, ethical, fiscal, administrative, and governance contexts of recordkeeping.

General Notes

'Records professional' is often used as an umbrella term to include individuals working in various facets of records management and archives, regardless of job titles.


  • Franks 2013 (†560 p. xi): Due to the growth of electronic records and information and the need for an integrated approach to recordkeeping, the terms records manager, records and information manager, and records professional are used interchangeably in this book to describe those who have recordkeeping responsibilities, including archivists, records managers, information managers, regardless of their job title (e.g., digital archivist, knowledge management advisor, information governance specialist). ¶ One of the most striking changes that has impacted today's records professional is the breadth of knowledge required to be successful. Not only must records professionals understand and be able to manage records and information from creation through disposition and preservation, but they must also master the fundamentals of different but related fields, including compliance, risk management, change management, and project management. (†2710)
  • Shepherd and Yeo 2003 (†744 p. 257): In larger organizations, several types of records management staff will be needed. One or more professional members of staff will be responsible for the direction of the records management service and for systems development. The senior records professional may also be responsible for other services such as data protection or freedom of information compliance, mailroom services or internal communications. (†2711)