information professional [English]

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n. ~ 1. An individual who works in a wide range of disciplines, including records managers, archivists, librarians, information technologists, and other fields centered on information resources. – 2. An individual with education, specialized knowledge, and experience who can discover, provide access to, and analyze information, often using digital technology as an essential tool.

General Notes

'Information professional' is an umbrella term that includes all individuals working with information resources.


  • AIIP 2018 (†907 ): Independent information professionals go by many names: researcher, freelancer, contractor, consultant, knowledge manager, content developer, and more. What IIPs have in common is the ability to provide timely, accurate, and actionable information, analysis, design, review, and strategy. Our members serve a diverse set of clients across a wide range of sectors—and they typically do so on a project, retainer, or hourly basis. (†2729)
  • SLA 2016 (†909 ): More and more work is knowledge work, and many professionals of all types have responsibility for elements of knowledge and information management. One category of professionals makes data, information, and knowledge its primary focus. These professionals come from various educational backgrounds, including library science, information science, and other disciplines. They work in many different types of organizations and settings and have a variety of job titles and professional labels. For purposes of simplicity and consistency, the term “information professional” will be used in this document to describe them. ¶ Regardless of their job title and professional label, information professionals are connected by their focus on managing and applying the data, information, and knowledge required in their setting. They take a holistic view of the role of information and knowledge in organizations and communities, and they are concerned with information and knowledge through all stages of their life cycle. (†2732)
  • SLA 2018 (†908 ): An Information Professional (“IP”) strategically uses information in his/her job to advance the mission of the organization. This is accomplished through the development, deployment, and management of information resources and services. The IP harnesses technology as a critical tool to accomplish goals. IPs include, but are not limited to, librarians, knowledge managers, chief information officers, web developers, information brokers, and consultants. (†2731)
  • Wikipedia (†387 s.v. "information professional"): An information professional or information specialist is someone who collects, records, organises, stores, preserves, retrieves, and disseminates printed or digital information. ¶ The term is most frequently used interchangeably with the term 'librarian', or as a progression of it. Librarians traditionally managed information contained in books or other paper records. Nowadays, however, libraries make extensive use of modern media and technology, hence the role of librarians has been enhanced. The versatile term 'information professional' is also used to describe other similar professions, such as archivists, information managers, information systems specialists, and records managers. Information professionals work in a variety of private, public, and academic institutions. (†2730)