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n. ~ IP2 · The duplicate of an object, resulting from a reproduction process.

Other Definitions

  • IP2 Dictionary (†242 s.v. copy): n., The duplicate of an object, resulting from a reproduction process. Syn.: duplicate. [General Dictionaries] n., A copy is the result of a reproduction process. A copy can be made from an original or from a copy of either an original or another copy. [Archives] n., An entity that is generated from and resembles a record. [Archives] v., To make a reproduction of a record in any state of transmission for business purposes. [Archives] n., A duplication of the text of an original document prepared simultaneously or separately, usually identified by function or by method of creation. [Archives] n., Reproduction, duplicate or replica. [Arts] n., [copies] Specific specimens of a given written or printed work; may be issued in multiples as an edition. [Arts] n., [copies] Refers to objects derived from or made to resemble original existing objects. Implies less precise and faithful imitation than does the term "reproductions." When copies are presented with intent to deceive, use "forgeries" or "counterfeits." When more than one similar work is produced by the same maker, use "replicas" or "versions." [Arts] v., Non-fraudulent manual repetition of another work of art. The non-fraudulent copy may be divided into three distinct but not necessarily mutually exclusive categories: the copy as a means of duplication; the copy in art education; and the copy as a starting-point for the creation of another art work (often called "artists' copies" to distinguish the genre from the essentially utilitarian function of the first two categories). [Arts] v., To reproduce or duplicate something. [Arts] v., To produce a replica of some stored information in a different part of the store or on a different storage device. For example, a piece of text or graphical information can be copied by marking it in some way, reading it into a temporary storage area, and writing it into a new location (compare cut). [Computer and Information Sciences] n., Something that is identical to something else; a facsimile. [General Dictionaries]
  • IP2 Glossary (†386 s.v. copy): n., The duplicate of an object, resulting from a reproduction process. Syn.: duplicate. [General Dictionaries - A Glossary of Archival and Records Terminology ]
  • SAA Glossary 2005 (†241 ): n. ~ 1. Something that is nearly identical to something else; a facsimile; a reproduction. – 2. A duplicate made from an original. – 3. Text, especially a document that is to be set in type or used in a news story. — v. ~ 4. To make a reproduction; to duplicate. ¶ Notes: A copy1 can vary significantly in its fidelity to the original. In some instances, it may be sufficient for a copy to capture only the intellectual content of the record without regard to formatting (see fair copy). Or it may be an exacting facsimile of the original. Because there is always some loss of quality when making a copy, originals have greater authenticity than copies. Hence originals are preferred over copies for evidence (see best evidence). The value of the information is not increased by repetition. However, the presence of many copies of a record may serve as a check on the trustworthiness of a record; the presence of multiple, identical copies suggests that the record has not be altered. ¶ Similarly, publication has been used as a means to preserve records by distributing copies among many owners and many locations to increase the odds that at least one copy will survive if others are lost or damaged. – Copy1, 2 and duplicate1 are often synonyms. However, 'copy' connotes a something reproduced from an original; for example, a Xerox copy. 'Duplicate' connotes a version that may be considered an original; for example, duplicate prints made from the same negative. – A copy1, 2 made with the intent to deceive is often described as a forgery or a counterfeit. A copy or similar work made by the creator of the original is often described as a replica or version.